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left and right sides - Qizhenbi - 12-08-2017

2-3 rice is in 5200-6500 yuan / stere left and right sides. Ao Guman and cling to the sawn timber such as the flower clinchs a deal this month quantity than increased wood plastic fence for sale philippines somewhat June, go up nevertheless relatively finite. 2, market of North America lumber: Off-season atmosphere lasts thorough, assembly hands in a quantity to glide somewhat From the point of market respect, enter assembly of North America material pays an

amount since July than outdoor rubber flooring for a apartment balcony dropped June relatively apparent. Besides, material of Shanghai port North America is measured to harbor than glided somewhat likewise June. The analysis thinks, lumber market is off-season envelop full-court, go up as home market approbate degree of higher North America talent to get likewise relatively substantially influence. Manufacturer of downstreamwpc vinyl flooring planks wpc flooring during this furniture just needed

relatively finite, purchase strength to raw material market and not quite tall, thereby also to volume of import of market of North America lumber glides since the near how to hide an ugly outdoor wall future cause certain effect. Price respect, enter North America material closes somewhat since July firm, not answer the trend that goes all the way when the beginning of the year before this. The analysis thinks basically is to be shown shipment of