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the finishing process is more
<p>furniture, natural environmental protection, lasting bright and transparent. This traditional technique is very complicated, I hope you have some understanding of the process of Chinese lacquer. If you still want to learn more knowledge of lacquer, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Furniture production is an important process of paint, wax, then the mahogany furniture, paint is good or good waxing? I believe many of my friends have such </p>
<p>doubts, for this question, the following Xiaobian introduce painting process and waxing process, and analysis of red wood furniture paint is good or good waxing. Annatto furniture is made above, lacquer 1, what is lacquer craft, all the time since, annatto furniture has &quot;South lacquer, North waxing&quot; argument. Painting as a traditional handicraft has a long history in our country. People usually say &quot;paint&quot; refers to the traditional mahogany furniture in the brush paint (also </p>
<p>called painted, painted). Wipe lacquer refers to the mahogany furniture use natural green environmental protection material lacquer as the main raw materials, after surface treatment of repeated sanding and wiping paint, color and other handmade practices, make out the mahogany furniture, wood clear, smooth, clear color light Che, feels comfortable, not only improves the mahogany furniture appreciation of space, but also enhance the value of art appreciation. 2, </p>
<p>6 ft composite fence panels<br />
above ground pool stone look cap<br />
maintenance free wood like plastic</p>
??????????????????????????????????????? wtf you shared??????????????

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