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flooring industry trends
<p>solid wood flooring has been the trend of the shift. Nearly two years of new solid wood to maintain a high growth rate of more than 30%. Products to diversification and personalization With the introduction of advanced technology and technology, the floor of a single style of bad habits will be broken, such as parquet flooring, free to fight </p>
<p>the floor will continue to meet the individual needs of consumers. Free rubber stitching into the trend of the current free plastic lock has become the flooring industry trends, not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also save the cost, it can be said that the progress of the industry, technological progress. Multi-layer solid wood flooring </p>
<p>in line with low-carbon environmental requirements, but also to meet people's pursuit of quality of life, but also in line with the scientific resources, effective use of the policy, and its promotion is a harmonious economic and environmental protection of social undertakings, and thus has broad prospects for development The At the same </p>
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