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economy of big abundant
developing zone of economy of big abundant harbor is in charge of on the meeting appoint can standing vice director Comrade Chenggong makes a speech, greeting Shanghai entrepreneur inspects investment to big abundant. Garden of industry of vice director of committee of tongue and groove flooring for old house porch floor management of development of economy of big abundant harbor, lumber is in charge of appoint industry of lumber of harbor of big abundant

grows director of bureau of trade of move of industry of can standing vice director, lumber and papermaking Comrade Zhang Yuantao the circumstance undertakes recommending. Subsequently delegate of partial travelling merchant undertook communicating making a speech, airstream with plastic plywood garden division company grows a case to congress introduction, delegate of Shanghai travelling merchant introduced Shanghai furniture

company to develop a case to congress, course communication just reached consensus of a few collaboration at meeting each. Of the conference undertook recycled plastic fence panels signing agreement a ceremony finally. Watch in concentration " gold coast upsurge emerges " conduct propaganda piece hind, comrade Zhang Yuantao develops a circumstance to undertake recommending with respect to industry of lumber of big abundant harbor, outdoor deck manufacturer

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