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entire or lobed, lobes apex slightly obtuse
<p>yellow sericeous. Branches stout, nearly cylindrical, with a number of horns, glabrous, initially with red, dry after the black. Leaves alternate, clustered in branches, ovate or obovate, 9-9 cm long, 6-10 cm wide, apex acuminate, base cuneate, entire or lobed, lobes apex slightly obtuse, sticky papery, green above, Dull or slightly bright, below gray-green, both surfaces glabrous or below, especially along the veins sparse short bristles, pinnate veins or from the base </p>
<p>of the three veins, midrib, lateral veins and branches on both sides slightly obvious, the bottom of a pair of (1) 2-7 cm, fresh often with red, abaxially dorsally convex, glabrous or slightly obtuse or slightly obtuse. Short bristles. Understand the Sassafras wood, then take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Sassafras wood furniture which have it: the characteristics of Sassafras wood furniture Sassafras its own wood is better, more for classical </p>
<p>furnishings such as the furnishings of the antique frame. Quality is also good, a little flavor, the price inside the wood furniture is not high Sassafras furniture shortcomings should not be in close contact with people such as furniture, bed, etc. - although not necessarily toxic, but always smell the taste will feel discomfort it. On what kind of Sassafras furniture, as well as what the advantages and disadvantages of Sassafras furniture, Xiaobian introduced here today. For </p>
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