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Enterprises are crowded
<p>the growing popularity of the Internet, the arrival of the information age, businessmen to build the way the brand has quietly changed, word of mouth marketing era has been opened. But in the traditional industry there are still many businesses because of the inherent constraints of thinking, leading to slow development. But the integrated </p>
<p>ceiling as a young, vibrant industry, insightful business has been established by virtue of word of mouth brand status, now, with the consumer awareness of the integrated ceiling, urban integrated ceiling market competition is increasingly fierce, the vast majority Enterprises are crowded in this piece of 'Red Sea' in the fight against the broken, </p>
<p>especially some small and medium manufacturers, due to financial, human and other aspects of the shackles, want to stand out in this competition is not easy. At present, the integrated ceiling market has only developed 10% -15% 'integrated ceiling' the industry 5 years ago by the Zhejiang Allies Electric proposed and production promotion, </p>
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