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How to choose the quality of warm floor
<P>Shopping around the building materials market, into the floor sales shop consumers are clear, now on the market floor, a variety of materials,пешеходные формы филиппин uneven floor prices, even the same material floor, there will be a lot of different prices, which So that it is difficult to choose whether to choose which kind of floor to warm the floor. However, according to the professionals, the floor price is determined by the density of the floor: such as strengthening the density of the floor,композитная панель из зернистого покрытия the higher the wear resistance is higher, the price will be higher than the corresponding part.</P>
<P>The most popular floor is the floor and laminate flooring, but the solid wood flooring in the market is not pure wood, but similar to the plywood material,составная крышка для существующей колоды this material is very cheap and will use a lot of Of the glue for bonding, so consumers need to pay attention to the time to buy.</P>
<P>From a lot of floor brand stores that the current flooring market, there is a widespread phenomenon, that is, consumers choose the floor "taste" changed. Because in the floor type, consumers are mostly like solid wood flooring or laminate flooring, but pure solid wood flooring due to high cost, maintenance cumbersome, so now few people buy; in the floor color, the previous consumers like big lacquer,120 футов винилового ограждения and now We are the pursuit of the true nature of wood, like to buy natural color; in the floor technology, the floor surface technology in general sub-corner technology and seamless stitching process two, although the current selection of traditional lead angle of the owners or a lot, but choose seamless The owners of the process are also increasing rapidly.</P>

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