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in the surface of the film drying speed
<p>solutions 1, paint cracking this phenomenon is also more common in the summer construction. As in the course of construction, the paint film is too thick, resulting in the surface of the film drying speed, and the thick inner layer is dry and slow, a direct result of the primer cracking and so on. At the same time, we must pay attention to the quality of sheet metal, it is recommended to buy a good stability of the plate. 2, paint white is mainly the construction </p>
<p>environment humidity is too large, the construction process is too thick and other causes of the film. Because the summer temperature is high, some areas of air humidity. The drying time of the paint layer is accelerated with the increase of the temperature, but the working time is relatively slow. The painter may neglect the working time during the construction process, and immediately after the paint is dry paint. Resulting in the bottom of the paint is not completely dry. </p>
<p>In the rainy days or humidity of the weather, easy to produce paint whitening phenomenon. In short, the use of water-based wood paint in the summer to carry out the process, to focus on grasping the thickness of the paint during the construction process, the proposed use of thin coating many times, in addition, to master the construction of the intermittent time, must be dry in the paint Circumstances, and then the next process construction. Ensure the construction </p>
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