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Wood flooring installation conditions
<P>Floor pavement before the ground to have the basic conditions of dry and dry. Between the door and the ground should be left 15 mm gap, geothermal users to confirm the reliability of the system,installing a balcony decking the proposed surface temperature should not be higher than 27 degrees.</p>
<P>Pavement staff to be adjusted to the floor from the door began to extend to the room, the floor of the maximum span of 6 meters by 8 meters,tongue and groove composite porch flooring beyond this limit must stay a shrinkage and use the buckle.</P>
<P>Wall, the door pressure interface, etc. reserved for expansion joints greater than 8 mm; splicing is continuous, uniform, residual rubber is timely cleaning; based on moisture resistance,best buy on white fence panels anti-deformation and easy cleaning and other considerations, pavement floor adhere to the use of floor glue, Even the lock floor should adhere to this principle.</P>
<P>The baseboard must reach 12 mm thick, otherwise it is difficult to cover the contraction joints, but also prone to deformation; used to moisture-proof mats covered aluminum film should ensure quality. High-quality aluminum film is not easy to tear the hand,wood board horse fence manufacture and poor quality aluminum hand rub easily broken; aluminum alloy pressure should ensure that the thickness of more than 2 mm. Too thin and easy to become Alice deformation.</P>

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