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quarters city was supervised
product of form of 3 quarters city was supervised 2017 selective examination result, selective examination in all 138 enterprises 179 batch product, composite wood patio glider 5 batch that share 5 businesses are unqualified, product quality selectives examination percent of pass 97.21% , selective examination enterprise percent of pass is 96.38% . According to Linyi

city qualitative inspect bureau introduces, 2017 3 quarters, the organization is ironwork, bearing, aluminous to imprinting model is compound board,cheapest interlocking decking indoor woodiness door, office furniture, car is used derv, deputy produce hydrochloric acid, cement, evaporate to press brick of perforated brick of aerocrete block, exterior composite decking price shaly agglomeration,

pottery and porcelain to wait 11 kinds. Among them, bearing, aluminous model answer door of plywood, indoor woodiness, car is used derv,design a garden fence deputy produce hydrochloric acid, cement, evaporate to control 8 kinds of products such as perforated brick of aerocrete block, shaly agglomeration in all 174 batch, percent of pass is 100% . Selective

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