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floor manufacturers always
<p>Domestic flooring industry classification of the domestic wood flooring industry market competition has always been fierce. Various flooring companies for their own interests, keen to divide the standard, solid wood, solid wood composite, three ultra-solid wood, imitation wood, all wood ... ... all kinds of ideas and definitions continue </p>
<p>to introduce new, flying. On the one hand, some floor manufacturers always claim that their division criteria is 'true standard', the other is speculation. On the other hand, consumers are always confused at the dazzling concept, it is difficult to choose. Solid wood flooring production process is relatively simple, the equipment requirements are </p>
<p>not high, so the first to develop. In a considerable period of time, people on the floor of the impression that only a solid wood flooring. The mid-90s of last century, strengthen the floor began to spread a large area, this product of industrial production of the entire industry chain requirements a lot of strict. The most complex multi-layer </p>
" replacing boards on wood picnic table frame , polishing timber floors resellers , density of wood plastic composite , wood deck installation on existing metal balcony "

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