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solid wood flooring
<p>wood north to build the north of the new wood If the wood and real estate industry to help cross-industry joint, is the formation of cross-industry marketing between the efficient combination of different industries; if the coordination of wooden building materials Township, is the cross-industry marketing communication between the product </p>
<p>structure and market demand between the smooth docking; then, 'Nanmu north' project, is the cross-industry marketing to help enterprises to achieve project investment, production and marketing planning, market focus on strategic shift strategy Docking works. The development of China's wood industry has long been dominated by the </p>
<p>southern region. For example, 'China's solid wood flooring capital' Nanxun, 'solid wood flooring capital' Jiashan, 'China's laminate flooring capital' of Jiangsu Henglin, Anji 'bamboo flooring' and so on. These areas of business awareness, industrial technology and equipment leader, for the market demand for a keen insight and strong </p>
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