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wood grain paper
<p>association vice president Zhu Changling quite sure told reporters: 'melamine itself is very toxic, relatively stable, after curing will not be free of toxicity, consumers can rest assured that the use of qualified melamine furniture. He disclosed that the production of furniture melamine board on the air pollution is determined by the use of melamine </p>
<p>board MDF or particleboard substrate, that is, if the substrate formaldehyde emission standards, there will not be excessive formaldehyde situation. At that time, the dynasty furniture specifically for the Olympic Games to provide the 'Olympic home' series, is also used melamine trim cabinet. Jianwei furniture sales manager in Guangzhou </p>
<p>Li Liyuan, deputy general manager told reporters that the melamine board with natural wood can not both the excellent performance, and environmental protection is also higher than other materials such as MDF. 'Is mainly the edge, relatively speaking, it is better than the wood grain paper finishes much better.' Not water soak to prevent </p>
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