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More bad news for Redskins Cheerleaders
In the wake of Chris Borland's decision to retire at the age of 24 due to concerns about head trauma, many in the football community have voiced their opinions and surprise.None more so than former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett, whotook to Twitter to get a lot of things off his mind and offer some wisdom to current football players. Clarett's reaction to Borland's news turned into a discu sion on the changing landscape of the football and college David Amerson Jersey education.MORE: Borland's family knew retirement was coming | Borland's multiple shoulder surgeries | EA Madden coversClarettmentioned how players are encouraged to sign up for "nonsense cla ses," with no real regard to the quality of their education. Meanwhile, the athletes are earning the universities millions of dollars.In regard to Chris Borland.They should do a study on his upbringing Tim Brown Jersey and education. See how he defines succe s. He probably has a backup plan Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015Lots of guys don't have a backup plan. They get shuffled thru the college ranks and only see football as an option to succeed. Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015They often tolerate the trauma for the paycheck.... No one is right or wrong. It all comes down to quality of life for each individual. Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015For college players having a "degree" is not enough. It's VERY easy for a school to graduate players with "nonsense" degrees. Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) Gareon Conley Jersey March 17, 2015Lots of these universities push cla ses on players that they would never allow their own children to take. Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015Kids earn schools millions. Let's forget about paying to play... Conversation should be actually educating them so they can be of some value Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015Kid mi ses practice and he's Criticized and punished to no end.... Kid signs up for "nonsense" cla ses and no one says a word. Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015Let me help ppl out. Universities pad stats with "graduation rates" in order to solicit donors for more donations. Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015Donors feel good about the"graduation rates" and shell out more money. Donors have no clue that the degrees hold no value in today's economy Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015My hope in speaking about this is that players become aware Otis Sistrunk Jersey of what they're in and make appropriate adjustments to get a real degree. Maurice Clarett (@ReeseClarett13) March 17, 2015The topic hits home for Clarett, whose struggleto find a new career path after football was well documented.

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