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Marshawn Lynch to plead guilty to reckle
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Former 49ers linebacker Chris Borland, who abruptly retired following his rookie season, shed some light on his brief experience in the NFL.Borland, a third-round pick out of Wisconsin in the 2014 NFL Draft, recalled a story from the NFL rookie symposium that made him so upset, he wanted to leave the room. In a long interview, Borland said rookies were told by a former NFL Donnel Pumphrey Jersey player, whoBorland did not name, to get themselves a "fall guy"to take the blame if they run into legal trouble.MORE: Story behind Borland's retirement | Undrafted doesn't mean unwanted in NFLWhile Borland might've wanted this advisor to remain anonymous, it wasn't hardfor the Internet to figure out who the words came from. It was Cris Carter's advice. In fact, the entire video is still posted on, but here Jordan Matthews Jersey 's the clip Borland was referring to."I was just sitting there thinking, 'Should I walk out? What am I supposed to do?'"Borland told ESPN. He added that he did not leave the room because he didn't want to cause a scene, but the comment has remained with him.With at least 23 NFL players arrested so far in 2015, the obvious question is how many other players avoided arrest with a friend taking the rap.Legal troubles were not the reason the 2013 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year walked away from football. He was concerned about his long-term health, something else about which he opened up to ESPN."I wanted to fulfill my dream of playing in the NFL. Brandon Graham Jersey I didn't think I was in grave danger. I couldn't turn down what I had worked nine years to achieve," Borland said."To me it's like jumping into the water and you can't see how deep it is.I don't know if I'm going to go through and be unscathed or if I'll cut my foot or if I'll land facefirst into a rock."I don't know, and correlation isn't causation, so these cases I've read and researched into, they may not be pertinent to me at all, or they might. To me, that risk isn't worth it, and I've got enough going on in my life and other interests that I want to pursue."At the end of the day, it's Wilbert Montgomery Jersey about a 24-year-old guy doing what's best for him. I welcome disagreement. I understand it. But I feel strongly about this decision. And I think those close to me and those that have done their research, even if they don't agree with it, they understand why."

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