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solid wood flooring
<p>consumers in the form of direct concessions to subsidize the way. The first batch of pilot activities will continue until January 31, 2011. It is reported that the first batch of national civil engineering materials to the countryside pilot products, including wood flooring and wooden doors of the two types. Among them, the wooden floor refined </p>
<p>into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring; wooden doors refined into solid wood composite doors, molded doors, Mianqi door. (12mm thickness) 90 yuan / square meter, solid wood composite floor 170 yuan / square meter, bamboo floor 185 yuan / square M; solid wood composite door 1650 yuan / Tang, molded </p>
<p>door 800 yuan / Tang, Mianqi door 700 yuan / Tang. Farmers in the pilot area only need to carry the identity card and residence booklet, to these sales outlets to buy pilot products, you can enjoy the benefits. Once the product quality problems, farmers can carry a purchase voucher to the sales outlets to claim. Pilot enterprises to actively </p>
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