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various types of raw materials
<p>and raw materials and processing industry The trend may also be shock and repeated. Bamboo costs and market prices have gone up in the next few months, rising costs and demand are likely to boost the market price of most bamboo and wood materials, especially the best-selling varieties and 2009 stagflation varieties will enter a new </p>
<p>price increase period. Rising costs will lead to a rebound in product prices hit a new high. Societe Generale Timber Market Distributors, 2009, Northeast timber, Southwest timber, African wood, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, the price of wood has entered the uplink channel, and the rapid increase in transport and </p>
<p>processing costs, the cost of various types of raw materials, increasing pressure Increase; the domestic market, wood Fang, veneer market price did not appear a corresponding increase, of which only part of the best-selling varieties of the corresponding price increases, there are many products market prices lagged behind, and even </p>
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