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main component of water-based wood paint
<p>polymer modified emulsion technology or water-based polyurethane dispersion technology for production. The use of acrylic acid and polyurethane synthesis as the main component of water-based wood paint, this product is generally light milky or translucent color; and 100% polyurethane water-based wood paint, such products are generally translucent light yellow. 3, from the smell of the product, no smell is the most obvious characteristics of water-based wood </p>
<p>paint, the general water-based wood paint in the open cover, the smell is very small, slightly a little fat and fragrance. The counterfeit water-based wood paint has a strong irritating solvent taste, expired metamorphic water-based wood paint is more obvious sour taste. 4, from the product testing report, the general market of formal water-based wood products, before listing, must be through the authority of the testing organizations to detect the sample to </p>
<p>determine whether the product's VOC content really reached the countryWood paint is used for wood products on a class of resin paint, polyester, polyurethane paint, can be divided into water and oil. According to the gloss can be divided into high light, semi-matte, matte. According to the use can be divided into furniture paint, floor paint and so on. Wood paint is a commonly used class of decorative materials. Natural wood paint natural wood paint commonly </p>
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