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wood flooring production enterprises
<p>use China's largest wood flooring production enterprises in Jiangsu Daya Wood advantage, to seize the Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia and a large number of markets, and in the United States and South Korea set up an international sales company. Article Source: China Building Materials Following </p>
<p>the home appliances and cars to the countryside, the wooden building materials also joined the ranks of the countryside to benefit farmers. 21, the country's first batch of wooden building materials to the countryside pilot start in Beijing, the pilot enterprises will be developed for the region for rural consumer market products, and to protect </p>
<p>the lowest prices sold to rural consumers. To implement the 'building materials to the countryside,' the benefits of agricultural spirit, China Forest Products Industry Association organized some enterprises spontaneously organized wooden building materials to the countryside pilot activities. The first batch of pilot period will continue </p>
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