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habili transfers smoothly
quotes 6000, 6500 yuan / stere. Shabili transfers smoothly. According to businessman report, in busy season drive, shipment volume of Shabili is closeouts discontinued vinyl floor tiles opposite better, market level is improved somewhat, the stock keep long in stock that shows level sand to compare profit nevertheless is relatively huge still, the price also is in all the time low.

Guangdong market sand is at present longer than benefit 2, 4m, thick 5cm, class A (former outfit is imported) quote 6000, 6300 yuan / stere. plastic lawn edging fence3, market of Euramerican sawn timber: The near future, whole of market of North America lumber goes situation is relatively smooth. According to businessman report, hot sell decorative wall panels high quality in busy season drive, the shipment

volume of the North America material such as wood of red oak, white wax improves somewhat, but prices anabiosises still anticipate not as tongue and groove composite boards good as, competition is intense between together with businessman, the management pressure that causes North America capable person is general bigger. Guangdong market red oak is at present long 2.15, 3.05m,

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