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Precautions after installation of wood flooring
<P>Pavement check-in time: after the floor pavement, can not immediately stay, the general recommended after 24 hours to 7 days in a timely manner, if not in time to stay,рыхлые 4-х точечные заборные заборные пикеты please keep the indoor air circulation, regular inspection and maintenance, recommended once a week.</P>
<P>After the pavement furniture into the time: after the floor pavement, within 48 hours (usually this time to become the floor of the regimen),evertrue 7 5 x x 8 футов двойной стеновой панели из ПВХto avoid walking on the floor and place heavy objects, so that the glue can be fixed for the floor glue Adequate time, so that the floor naturally dry before moving into the home.</p>
<P>Pavement after the environmental requirements: paving finished after the indoor environment requirements, mainly humidity, the floor is also afraid of dry and afraid of wet, so the indoor humidity ≤ 40%,деревянный эффект переработанной пластиковой наружной облицовкиshould take the humidification measures, indoor humidity ≥ 80% Wet; with 50% ≤ relative humidity ≤ 65% for the best. At the same time to prevent long-term sun exposure.</P>
<P>Daily maintenance requirements: just paved the floor must be covered with paper, to avoid decoration when there are foreign bodies or paint fell to the floor. In the door, kitchen, bathroom, balcony mouth to use mats, to avoid water stains, gravel damage to the floor. But should pay attention to,классический паркет в СШАshould not use long-term coverage of airtight material. Solid wood and solid wood flooring Please use special floor wax or wood linen care, maintenance.</P>

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