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paint the role of 1, making the wood material surface
<p>paint: is a class of opaque coating of special wood coatings, in addition to requiring quick-drying, the heavy metal content can not be exceeded. 6, outdoor wood products: mainly used in parks, swimming pools, beaches and other places such as the use of chairs and other wood products, the requirements are a certain weatherability. Wood paint construction process 1, before painting paint, etc. should be carried out degreasing, decontamination, and polished </p>
<p>smooth. 2, the use of matching water-based primer, primer according to the proportion of product preparation, mixing evenly, and then as appropriate, diluted with water to the construction viscosity, with silk cloth filter, placed 20 minutes after aging can be applied. The first primer should be painted thin and uniform, to be dry for 3 to 4 hours (25 ��, 50% humidity) after sanding with sandpaper again. 3, depending on the depth of the grain may be, putty to </p>
<p>scratch thin as well, scraping putty when forced into the wood stitch, putty dry sandpaper after grinding thoroughly. 4, in the putty or the first primer and then brushing 1 to 2 times primer, until the primer after drying with sandpaper polished, so that the substrate smooth and smooth. 5, the topcoat according to the product description of the proportion of preparation, the main paint and curing agent after mixing intermittent stirring for 10 minutes, and then as </p>
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