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business results
<p>departments really Nothing to be extremely. Private enterprises, private enterprises, small factories in the environmental turmoil miserable. Twenty years ago, the plate business owners from a poor and white constantly groping, learned the technology, so that China's wood processing products out of the country. At that time there was no </p>
<p>specification to them, how to protect the environment. The current government smile relative to the people's livelihood tax rely on them; urban development by them; a large number of people rely on them; the economic level by them! And today, a seal, it denied the plate business results. Previously, the board business owners are worried that </p>
<p>no money to pay wages to workers, worried about the quality of products is not good, and now they worry about the factory outside the law enforcement vehicles, UAV, fear of fines, detention, seal! In fact, sheet metal business is not wrong Repeated business, the plate business owners do not know what the rules are, how to do, sudden </p>
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