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topcoat and the finish of the paint Can be polished
<p>appropriate, diluted with water to the construction viscosity, with silk cloth filter, placed 20 minutes after curing can be applied. (25 ��, 50% humidity), the topcoat and the finish of the paint Can be polished, if the overcoating time of more than 16 hours, it should be polished and then painted finish. Before brushing the last finish, gently dry (or about 12 hours) after the paint film is dry with 100 mesh or more, and wipe clean, and then brush or apply the last finish. </p>
<p>Wood paint construction points 1, preparation: brushing paint when the environment and brushing tools must be clean, the operator should wear a clean overalls, wear a clean work cap. 2, the first dust: the first surface of the wood should be polished smooth, dealing with floating ash, cleaning can be used for special dust, a large area (such as the version) with a vacuum cleaner repeatedly vacuum. 3, humidity control: environmental humidity greater than 85% </p>
<p>when not suitable for construction, or easy to produce paint film and other defects. 4, the coating to grasp: brushing paint should be thin not thick, can be multi-layer multi-channel; do multi-layer coating construction, each brushing should be lower after the construction of dry, and each time to polish. 5, vary according to material: understand the wood of wood, if it is hard wood (such as teak, beech, Bengal) should be used with caution putty, bubble water and </p>
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