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topcoat and the finish of the paint Can be polished
<p>to buy the polyurethane wood paint, the packaging contains the main agent + curing agent + thinner. Strictly speaking, all kinds of wood paint has a corresponding diluent, can not be common to each other. However, in considering the price of some solvents, sources, construction safety, environmental pollution, etc., can be some commonly used solvents, through the deployment, to replace the different thinner. 5, the purchase of water-based wood paint, it should go </p>
<p>to the formal home improvement store or store to buy. According to the classification of water-based wood paint, consumers can choose their own economic capacity, such as the need for low prices, and only choose the first type of water-based paint; if the mid-range above, more stress decoration, it is best to use the second category or The third type of water-based paint. 6, consumers in the distinction between different types of water-based wood paint, it is </p>
<p>best to try to help through the nose to judge: acrylic acid taste a little bit, polyurethane is a little faint smell of grease. Brand: 1, Carpoly Carpoly (China Famous Brand, Guangdong Province famous brand, Guangdong Province, the famous trademark, the largest private paint production enterprises, Guangdong Garbo Chemical ) 2, China Resources Huarun (China famous Trademark, won the Chinese famous brand, the national high-tech enterprises, </p>
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