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Kitchen wood floor selection points
<P>Low density of wood flooring is vulnerable to moisture and water vapor damage, so when buying the first floor to observe its appearance,safe economical anti slip wood wpc outdoor decking look at the density of the plate. The density of the entire floor can also be calculated in a simple way, based on the density = mass / volume formula. In general: low density board density of less than 450 kg / cubic meter, medium density plate density of 450 kg -600 kg / cubic meter; high density board density 600 kg to 900 kg / cubic meter.</P>
<P>Dripping water is to test the floor of the water absorption, free to take 1-2 floor, in the wood floor and the back of a few drops of water, after a certain period of time after the water, the decorative layer will be formed on the floating water is not absorbed, The side did not appear very obvious water swelling phenomenon,pros and cons of composite decking around pool so that the wood floor of the water absorption to meet the requirements.</P>
<P>Will be a few pieces of wood floor together to see if there is a high and low difference, if there is a clear drop to prove that the floor appeared hot up the cold situation,tan deck composite decking this floor is not suitable for high temperature kitchen.</P>

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