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our country at present
the writer however is anxious very. Be in our country at present board industry, large board company can rely on the advantage such as dimensions,steel floor deck in malaysia technology, brand to continue to develop, but such enterprise is very few. And our country is medium or small plate company is in the majority, but this kind of enterprise, do not have dimensions

advantage, 2 support research and development without capital dominant position, 3 without brand advantage, participate replacement kit wood slats for garden bench in price war to may be immersed in be between the beetle and the block condition. Because of small and medium sized business if price is low, profit assures very hard, below the wood is a composite circumstance that assures hard in

long-term gain, is what can you assure capital of technical research and development how again devoted? Prop up without the technology, Cheap Outdoor Floor In Australia can product quality promote how again? "Without quality, do a client to die a client, still be inferior to be not being done. " personage of this know the inside story to the reporter such say. Accordingly,

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