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floor after installation
<p>tape to the moisture-proof film joints at the tight, and the wall to the The film extends upwardly and affixed to the wall with a height of 5-6 cm. This layer of film mainly acts as a moisture-proof effect on the ground, isolating the ground moisture from the floor and then laying the floor. Finally, Simba experts to remind the vast number of </p>
<p>consumers, the first floor after installation to use the heating system, it is necessary to slowly increase the temperature at room temperature around 20 degrees when the best. For your health and family, please choose a high reputation and brand reputable products. What is the future of China's flooring industry? Many experts unanimously, </p>
<p>of course, very bright, because China's urbanization is still accelerating, China's per capita household consumption is still growing rapidly, so the future of China's flooring industry is certainly bright. However, the philosophy of the cloud, to be divided into two for the problem, the contradiction theory also tells us that the main contradictions </p>
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