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Outdoor antiseptic wood floor installation instructions
<P>Outdoor wood should be in the outdoor dry to the outside environment with the same degree of humidity and then construction. The use of large water content of the installation of the installation of wood will be a greater deformation and cracking. In the construction site,стоимость строительства preservative wood should be stored in the air, should be avoided as much as possible sun exposure.</P>
<P>In the construction site, should be used as far as possible the existing size of anti-corrosion wood, for on-site processing,поставщик регенерированного древесного шпона на Ближнем Востоке should use the appropriate preservatives to brush all the incision and holes to ensure the life of wood preservative. In the construction of the terrace as far as possible to use long planks to reduce the joints, in order to beautiful; between the board to stay 5mm-10mm gap.</P>
<P>All connections should be made of galvanized connectors or stainless steel fittings and metal products to corrosion, absolutely can not use different metal parts,автомобильная палуба для крыши or will soon rust, so that the wood structure is fundamentally damaged. In the process of making and perforating, you should first drill with an electric drill, and then fixed with screws, so as not to cause artificial cracking.</P>
<P>Although the treated wood can be anti-bacterial, mildew and termite erosion, we still recommend you to use the wood protective paint on the surface after the wood has been dried or air dried. The use of outdoor wood special paint should pay attention to the first to fully shake,композитный фехтование columbus ohio after finishing 24 hours sunny conditions, so that the coating in the wood surface film.</P>

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