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inside the door is convenient
<p>Material between the easy to fall off, prone to surface layer of foam, wood-based material easy to powder and other phenomena; 2. steel lines: plastic substrate surface film (PVC), due to the surface of the paste process, Between the surface and the substrate easy to fall off, there are surfacing and other phenomena; 3. Plastic steel paint lines: high-quality steel base material used in the transfer of wood and UV paint finishes, full color products, bright, so that </p>
<p>products Best state. Production process and the thickness of the plate First, the production process Door surface treatment process The market surface treatment process is divided into two categories: 1. Foil process: steel plate surface affixed to the grain of PVC material (ie, plastic), the production process is PVC material by heat sealing paste in the steel plate, such products in the course of the use of hot and cold changes, there may be degumming, from the </p>
<p>layer, leg color and other phenomena, and sharp scratches the surface after degumming and corrosion more serious; . Transfer paint process: steel plate by the phosphating solution anti-corrosion treatment �� steel plate bottom spray treatment �� baking �� wood will be transferred to the bottom of the heat transfer paint �� baking �� surface using automotive paint process. Performance is relatively stable. Second, the thickness of steel plate thickness is the best </p>
<p>wood panel floor outdoor singapore<br />
plastic wood foam composite panels perth<br />
industrial composite fencing</p>

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