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use of large wood
<p>bamboo composite container floor, peeling bamboo veneer, bamboo thin thin bamboo series of products, bamboo reorganization of synthetic materials have a better market prospects. Should vigorously expand the application of bamboo processing products in the field of home. The construction industry is the use of large wood </p>
<p>materials, the Chinese wood structure because of the shortage of timber resources, high cost, lack of innovation in structural design. Although the wooden structure with seismic, energy saving, comfort, easy handling of construction waste and other characteristics, but in China has not been widely applied, to a large extent hindered the </p>
<p>development of China's wood processing and bamboo processing industry. '5.12' after the Wenchuan earthquake, causing the community to pay attention to the construction of anti-seismic structure. To this end, Nanjing Forestry University and Southeast University using bamboo materials jointly launched the 'bamboo earthquake </p>
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