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Wood floor moldy problem
<P>The best way is to bring their own home a vacuum cleaner, if only the removal of dust, can be used directly with a vacuum cleaner, but also to buy a cloth with the adsorption function,waterproof exterior deck material dry wipe can be. If the wood floor stained with stains, can use natural dissolving agent to dissolve, and then wipe dry can, solid wood flooring as far as possible not to use water for cleaning, this can make the wood floor looks more healthy.</P>
<P>Wood floor is most afraid of corrosion, if you use a wet mop mopping, the water will be in the form of deep between the surface of the floor, once again no serious, but for a long time lasting,plank paneling for solid decking it will gradually corrode the wood floor, resulting in the floor surface off and many more.</P>
<P>At some point, the wooden floor may be stained with a mop where there is no way to wash off the dirty things at one time, then a small number of people will use the wire ball washed and washed, and even increase the detergent, cleaning agents and other chemical products,cost of outdoor wood deck but do not know so Do, will form a wooden floor surface wear, chemical substances will also harm the wood floor surface protective film, and can not clean wood.</P>

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