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Chuck Taylor All Star silhouettes in timeless colorways of white and black
something that makes converse all star chuck taylor latest release all the more refreshing. It’s a tough time for American athletes. If they’re not harangued by sponsors, they’re getting grief straight from the White House.

To celebrate the brand’s longtime partnership with basketball, converse all star mujer has released 30 new All-Star designs to represent every single NBA team. Each sneak falls into one of three silhouettes – the Gameday, the Legend and the Franchise – with a colourway to reflect the team jersey. So think purple for Lakers, Hornet turquoise and so on and so forth.

Non-B-ball folk shouldn’t feel excluded, though. With dozens of kicks to choose from, an NBA palette upgrades the staple converse all star ox shape, so there’s bound to be a sneak to suit. Every pair will be available from September 29 at, but until then, you can tide yourself over with all of the designs below.

For the occasion, a limited number of Chuck Taylor All Star silhouettes in timeless colorways of white and black will be offered.

Converse is back with a pick you need walking into winter. Meet the new converse all star rojas in “Dusk Pink.” The plush upper is constructed with a quilted textile and stitched over with a pattern that’s not the Converse norm. The interior is lined with a cozy material not unsimilar to that in UGG boots – you’ll be so winter-ready.

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