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decoration of the floor
<p>Kun for the land, for the wife , For the mother. Home of the land, it represents a housewife. Feng Shui theory that the decoration of the floor, we should pay attention to the following questions: </p>
<p>First, the floor of the material, the color of the hostess to the fate of the decision to now people in the home decoration, the commonly used floor materials are wood flooring, bamboo flooring, Floor tiles, carpets, and some composite wood flooring and so on. </p>
<p>If the hostess mentally happy wood, wood flooring is naturally preferred. But if it is like Mrs. Ma, well-known soil, just with the wood phase grams, it is best to avoid the wood floor, choose the stone and other five elements of the soil in order to play the role of Ma's fortune to help, and use Wood flooring, will only be on her fortune. </p>
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