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Spring wood floor damp problem
<P>In a more dry environment, mold hyphae drift in the air. When the use of the environment is wet, the temperature is more appropriate, the mold will grow a lot,wood plastic composite fence in franch resulting in mildew of the floor. Even if the floor substrate is environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body, microbes can also reproduce and cause mildew.</P>
<P>In the wet season, slippery floors often lead to slippage and falls in the family,wood plastic faux panels for outdoors floor and can cause stress, fatigue, and mental stress that people are experiencing when walking or working in a slippery ground state.</P>
<P>One of the most important reasons for all wood flooring is that the installation environment is too wet. If the humidity inside the room is too high,how to repair an old wpc plastic bench it will lead to irregular expansion of the floor and thus Alice. Therefore, do not fundamentally solve the problem of humidity, then, no matter what floor or there will be Alice phenomenon.</P>

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