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Wood floor waxing method
<P>Remove the floor surface of the garbage, dirt. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove litter and dust from the floor surface. Wipe the stains on the wood floor with diluted neutral detergent. Difficult to remove the stains can be satisfied with the water wipe.ultimate kid outdoor fence</P>
<P>Fully dry. The surface of the floor and the moisture in the groove are completely dry for waxing. Depending on the season, the time required varies, but it takes roughly half a day. Use the tape paper to cover the wall skirting and furniture and other parts,exterior acrylic fence panels the purpose is to prevent the floor wax stained wall skirting and furniture.</P>
<P>Shake the container with the floor wax and stir evenly. In accordance with the direction of the wood grain carefully applied,frame it all composite plastic timber wood grain do not leak or thin thickness uneven. Smear too little will cause uneven shades, smear too much will lead to poor film. Keep the thickness evenly the key to waxing.</P>

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