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the cabinet industry
<p>Liu Chuanzhi and people are closely linked with the association. Which makes Lenovo and other computer brands distinguish clearly. All in all, brand personality is a brand of the most valuable things, it can go beyond the product and not easy to imitate the competitive brand. </p>
<p>The humanized value of the brand personality, the value of the purchase motive, the value of differentiation and the value of emotional infection constitute the core value of the brand. Shaping the brand must be shaping the brand personality, which can be from the product itself, users, spokespersons and founders to find these four aspects. </p>
<p>Once the formation of a distinctive, unique personality, it will form a strong brand, which should be an important direction of brand building. - the current dealer as the cabinet industry, one of the most important aspects of its business success, failure of the industry, the development of production enterprises is essential. </p>
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