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<p>flooring enterprises how to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading, to the world. Dell Executive President Yao Hongpeng as a guest guest host and participated in the forum forum, and the industry on the floor of the Internet industry to expand the Internet and other issues in-depth discussion. 'Yu Yu Yu Cheng, the future, the courage to </p>
<p>create a new high' General Assembly in the awarding ceremony to give the Dell Group Chairman Mr. Yu Jiyong highly valued, as the domestic flooring industry, one of the man of the year, Yu Jiyong, chairman of the lead The Delphi team is pioneering and striving to build a large group that integrates multiple fields such as wood, new energy, </p>
<p>real estate, education, investment, advertising, logistics and so on, demonstrating its outstanding presence in the business world Talent, but also for China's flooring manufacturing industry and forestry industry has made a significant contribution, is a well-deserved 'floor industry leaders.' The accumulation of thousands of miles, to </p>
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