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Floor of a variety of pavement methods
<P>No matter what kind of wood flooring choice, in the construction must be done before leveling the ground work. The so-called ground leveling, is the decoration of the ground in the pavement before the material must be leveling through the leveling of cement,<a href=''>cedar decking portland oregon</a> cement mortar leveling or gypsum leveling several ways to achieve the ground flatness, it is the impact of home decoration effect is Very obvious.</P>
<P>There are many ways to leveling the ground, where we recommend more mainstream self-leveling leveling method, the leveling effect is the best. Ground pretreatment: the general rough ground will have a protruding place, need to be polished out. Brush interface agent: polished in the ground on the ground twice the interface agent,<a href=''>prefab treated deck railing systems</a> so that self-leveling cement and ground convergence more closely.</P>
<P>Down to the level of cement: self-leveling cement and water ratio 1: 2, to ensure that the cement can flow, but not too thin.Press the drum with the drum: the surface of the barrel with the barrel of the cement pressure,<a href=''>making plant pots out of decking boards</a> so that the surface is more smooth and solid.</P>
<P>After the above four steps, the ground leveling work is completed, it should be noted that the construction should wear special shoes to prevent the imprint in the cement,<a href=''>black vinyl 2x4 deck</a> and other self-leveling three days before the dry to be protected, that three days later To start laying a variety of materials.</P>

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